Boxer Puppies

boxer puppyPortrait of a Boxer Puppy

Boxer puppies are filled with joy, energy and humor.

These are rollicking dogs who stay young at heart their whole lives, but have been bred for some serious work as well.

The Boxer is a very recognizable and popular breed that has had a spot in the top 10 most popular dog breeds for many years.

They are social, playful dogs that are also protective of family and home, and extremely fond of children.

The Boxer is a working breed which has been used in police and protection work, and even herding.

Boxer puppies are an excellent choice for a big, busy family.

They have the smushed face which makes them highly appealing.

The tail and ears are cropped in some countries, the ears are often kept natural in a button type flopped-over style.

They can grow to be 22-25 inches at the shoulder and weigh 55 to 70 pounds.

They have a very short sleek coat that still sheds moderately, and looks best with a weekly brushing and rub with a towel or grooming cloth.

Boxers come in shades of fawn, brown, brindle white or black, often with dramatic white stockings and white blazes on the nose.

Pure white boxers sometimes have blue or pink eyes, and are also often born deaf

Boxer puppiesBoxer Puppies

training Boxer puppies

Boxer puppies weigh about 15 pounds when they are eight weeks old. They grow at a medium rate and are full grown at about a year, with larger males filling out for another few months.

Your puppy probably had its tail docked when it was only a few days old.

Ears are often cropped at 10-12 weeks, but cropping of ears isn't just a personal decision for the owner, many countries, particularly in Europe have made ear-cropping illegal.

Boxer puppies are natural clowns, but are highly intelligent and trainable dogs.

They desire guidance and seem to enjoy being obedient and take pride as they learn new things.

a few more facts about Boxer puppies

  • he Boxer collie is a working breed
  • They have a long lifespan sometimes topping 16 or 17 years
  • The Boxer originated in Germany
  • They were descended from dogs used for hunting and war
  • The modern Boxer was chosen as a police and guard dog
  • Boxers use their front paws in play and even when fighting
  • Historians differ on whether this is the origin of the breeds name, though

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