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tiger trivia

The Sabor-tooth tiger was not in the cat family, it was a bear-like creature called a smilodon

There is no evidence that the smilodon was striped, but we do know it had only a 9 inch tail.  

The Fascinating Truth:  Lion Fun Facts

King of the Jungle? Of the 20,000 lions in the wild, only 250-300 highly endangered Asiatic lions
African lion panorama
live in the Gir jungle of India. The familiar African lion lives in savanna grasslands.

The Fascinating Truth:  Elephant Fun Facts

African elephants regularly make sounds that are too low for humans to hear.....
African elephant panorama
 yet loud enough for elephants miles away to respond to!

The Fascinating Truth:  Baboon Fun Facts

Baboons have long tails but they are not prehensile and don't help them grip when climbing.
Baboon panorama
A group of baboons is known as a troup, a cartload or -wait for it- a congress.

The Fascinating Truth:  Grizzly Bear Fun Facts

The massive grizzly bears of Yellowstone Park often snack on extremely tiny prey....
grizzly fun facts
obtaining 20% to 50% of their caloric requirement by eating colonies of moths and ladybugs!

The Fascinating Truth:  Dolphin Fun Facts

Dolphins use echolocation to figure out the size and location of fish, boats and even people....
dolphin fun facts
People who have been "echo-located" by dolphins report having felt a strange vibration!

The Fascinating Truth: Urban Coyote

The amazingly adaptive coyote population in North America seems unaffected by human expansion
coyote facts panorama
 The Urban Coyote has been spotted in Central Park, N.Y. and (as in this photo) Hollywood California!

collage of favorite animals

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The Fascinating Truth: Kangaroo Fun Facts

A male red kangaroo can be the size of a professional basketball player and can jump 10 ft high!
kangaroo panorama
 That means if he were on a basketball court he could jump over the rim!

The Fascinating Truth:  Rhino Fun Facts

The horn of the rhinocerus is made of keratin- not matted hair as once believed.
Rhino panorama
Usually only about 20 inches long, the longest horn on record was almost 5 feet!           

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