Border Collie Puppies

border collie puppyPortrait of a Border Collie Puppy

Border collie puppies are long-legged, bushy, and highly active.

They are recognized as perhaps the best herding dogs in the world, working most often with sheep, but able to handle large cattle and small fowl as well.

Border collie puppies are brilliant little dogs bursting with curiosity and eager to learn new things.

This is a breed that requires some running room, some mental stimulation and enjoys a good challenge.

They are social and friendly if properly raised, but can become aloof, and are sometimes "one person dogs".

Their history of working with one farmer or shepherd makes them dedicated and prone to near obsession with their owner.

Border collie puppies are not the ideal choice for couch potatoes, and do not do well in a low key setting.

They like action, physical activity and to feel a purpose in life.

A true working dog, the Border collie is extremely intelligent and may be the most trainable dog breed due to their drive and desire to please, and remarkable ability to focus.

They can grow to be 18 - 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh 27 to 45 pounds.

They have a medium to long coat that sheds moderately, and requires weekly brushing to look its best.

Though black and white is most common, they also come in tri-color, blue merle, sable and several solid colors. Blue eyes are seen occasionally as well.

Border collie puppiesBorder Collie Puppies

training Border Collie puppies

Border collie puppies weigh about 8 pounds when they are eight weeks old. They grow at a medium rate and are full grown at about a year, with larger males filling out for another few months.

Young dogs will have a transitional awkward adolescence where their ears may not seem to be able to decide if they want to stay up or down.

Eventually, the adult Border collie will usually have partially erect ears called rose ears, similar to those of a Greyhound. Sometimes the ears are flopped over halfway, these are referred to as button ears.

The coat will take awhile to gain its adult glamour too.

Border collie puppies are extremely active and their curiosity may take them where they shouldn't go, so puppy-proofing is a must in their new home.

The Border collie is a herding breed which instinctively attempts to collect and herd both animals and people.

They control the movements of entire herds of animals by stalking, rushing and chasing them.

These habits have been bred into the mentality of the Border collie, and it is very important to restrict these urges early on, otherwise they may become fixated at a young age, and be difficult to live with.

Do not allow them to chase and nip children, bike riders or other dogs.

Early correction will control these urges, and keeping these dogs busy minds engaged will give them an outlet for their herding drive.

a few more facts about Border Collie puppies

  • The Border collie is a herding breed
  • They have a long lifespan sometimes topping 16 or 17 years
  • They originated on the border between England and Scotland
  • All modern day Border collies trace back to one dog
  • A dog called "Old Hemp"
  • His technique of crouching was passed down to his offspring
  • They come in a variety of colors

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