bernese mountain dog Puppies

Bernese mountain dog puppyBernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Bernese mountain dog puppies are stunning looking dogs.

They were originally bred in the Swiss Alps as draught dogs which means they worked by pulling a small cart, just like a horse.

They also did some droving work, herding sheep in the snow covered mountains of Switzerland.

Adults are large and sturdy at up to 27 inches tall, but the most striking thing about these dogs is their beautiful coloring.

Bernese mountain dog puppies are jet black with clear white muzzle, chest, toes and sometimes the tip of the tail.

The Berner is a tri-colored dog, meaning black, white and tan. The tan is actually more of a rusty or mahogany color lining the borders between the black and white markings and accenting the eyebrows.

They have large, domed heads and broad muzzles, but are considered a dry-mouthed breed which does not have drooping flews.

This is a burly, solidly built dog, with straight legs, round feet and a straight back.

They have full coats that may shed extensively.

Bernese Mountain dog puppiesThree Gorgeous Bernese Puppies

training Bernese Mountain dog puppies

A Bernese mountain dog puppy is born quite large, sometimes weighing over a pound.

They have unique metabolisms and high growth rate which requires a specially prescribed diet.

Food with low-protein content and supplements for bone and joint health are necessary.

Most breeders suggest multiple feedings a day until they are full grown.

The Bernese mountain dog is good-natured but somewhat serious.

They tend to be less out-going and people friendly then is expected from their cheerful expressions, and are often aloof with strangers.

They are devoted to their families, however, and are particularly fond of, and patient with children.

These bright, thoughtful puppies are very easy to train, from house-breaking to walking on lead, to almost any level of obedience.

They love the outdoors and naturally enjoy cold temperatures and snowy conditions.

Warm climates are not ideal for this breed, and they are not ideal pets for apartment life.

Bernese mountain dog puppies love children, other dogs, and other animals too, often forming unusual friendships with farm animals like goats and wild animals like rabbits or deer.

They are good pets for outdoorsy types as long as the activity is not too vigorous - hiking yes! Jogging not so much.

Because they have a mild herding drive, they should be taught early on not to try to "herd" children, other animals, cars or bicycles.

And because they are protective and somewhat wary of strangers, steps should be taken to socialize them as they mature, so that they will not be suspicious of house guests, vets and groomers.

This is a big, full-coated dog that requires a little upkeep. Weekly brushing is recommended, and occasional bathing will keep the coat from getting oily.

Prior to 1970 there were only 50 individuals registered in the United States, but the Bernese mountain dog has become very popular in recent years.

facts about bernese mountain dog puppies

  • The Bernese mountain dog was developed in Switzerland
  • They pulled carts, and sometimes hauled wagons with milk and cheese
  • The Bernese mountain dog is 24 to 27 inches, 65 to 90 pounds
  • They are tri-color, black with white and tan points
  • Bernese mountain dog puppies require a special diet
  • They are excellent dogs for children

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