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Male Female Young Social Unit Home Habitat
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Lifespan FavoriteFood Enemies Color JuvenileColor
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Top Speed Avg.Height Avg.Length Tail Length Avg.Weight Endangered?
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EstrusCycle Gestation # of Young record litter Birth Weight At Birth
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Eyes Open Walk  Raised By Weaned Independent Maturity
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African Wild Dog Facts and African Wild Dog Information Featuring the -AnimalStats- Fact File
Cape hunting dog pup

Making More African Wild Dogs

Within the pack, generally only the dominant male and female, called the Alpha pair, will reproduce. After a  six week pregnancy the Alpha female will find a safe place, often an abandoned aardvark den, and deliver up to 20 puppies - the most in the canine kingdom! The pack will settle down for several weeks while the pups are growing, going out to hunt twice a day and bringing food back in thier bellies which they will regurgitate for the mother and pups to eat. The entire pack contributes to the raising of one large litter of puppies a year, including the adult males, and with all that attention African wild dog puppies catch on quick, hunting with the pack by the time they are 6 months old.                         - African Wild Dog Facts
African wild dogs surround hyenaAfrican wild dog pack

The African wild dogs intensely close pack structure is its greatest strength, making the pack  a force to be reckoned with. Wild dogs are the most efficient hunters in Africa, successful  80% of the time in bringing down  antelope,  pig, and massive prey such as zebra and wildebeast that may easily be 10 times the size of an individual dog.  After the hunt, the meal is freely distributed to pups, the nursing mom, and the sick, old or injured.

Girl Power!

Female African wild dogs are often larger than males, and many male/female roles in the pack structure are reversed. Although the pack most often hunts together, when the Alpha female has a young litter it is usually a small group of adult males that will remain back at the den with her, tending to the many pups, while a hunting party of swift and powerful females set out first thing in the morning, and then again in late afternoon to procure the two meals a day the pack enjoys. But in one of the most unique role reversals, small groups of young females wean away from the pack to form a new pack of their own, or join a pack whose females have also left, while the majority of young males stay with the pack their entire lives, dutifully tending to the needs of another males puppies. Amazing!   - African Wild Dog Facts                                       

African wild dog play date


Almost all animals are driven to play as youngsters practicing fight or flight techniques that will make them successful adults, Even without siblings or friends to experiment with, youngsters who grow up alone like certain antelope, bear or cat species will entertain themselves all day long with imaginative play. As most animals mature, however, play is replaced by the actual activities they once practiced and, especially with animals whose destiny after leaving their mothers side is to live a solitary life with only occasional interaction for breeding purposes, the urge to play may simply fade away. Many canine species maintain high levels of play and joyful interaction with no real purpose all through their adult lives leading to mature animals that are full of curiosity and richness of character.

African-wild dog rally
wild dog double

Sparrow? Canary? Owl? Nope-  Just an African Wild Dog!
The African wild dog is an incredibly vocal animal emitting squeaks, chirps and hoots reminescent of many common birds, but few of the sounds created by the more familiar dog species we may have overheard.  Instead of howling in the night, a seperated  wild dog looking for the pack makes a "hoo" noise which sounds almost exactly like an owl! While hunting and feeding, the pack chirps and squeals like a flock of small birds, or a noisy pod of dolphins!

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Phylum:            Chordata
Class                Mammalia
Order                Carnivora
Family               Canidae
Genus               xxx
Species             xxx
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