Baby animals

Baby animals are adorable miniatures of their parents, but are often called special names until they reach maturity.

Some of these names are very familiar, like puppy and kitten, others are peculiar like the feline sounding "kit" for a very canine baby fox, and the unusual name of "cria" for a baby llama.

And all of the Great Apes - including us - have babies called infants.

Check out more baby animal names in the column over on the left hand side of the page.

Mostly, baby animals are just lots of fun to look at!

And here are some adorable examples...

Yes, baby animals are perfect little replicas of their mothers and fathers..

But some of them start off just a little different. They may not have spots
right away, they may not be the exact same color, and sometimes their hair is soft and puffy instead of sleek and shiny.

But goodness knows they try their best every day...

They chill with the crew ...

They hitch rides on mom, or dad...

They try their best to keep up with the herd ...

They are very respectful...

They never whine or complain
and they can really work the cute

collage of favorite animals

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zebra extreme close-up

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