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mongoose species
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Male Female Young Group Social Unit SocialStructure
these facts are coming  soon communal
Habitat FavoriteFood Enemies Gender Diff. Endangered?
Famous For:
grasslands mice, insects lion, eagle none threatened killing cobras
Lifespan Avg.Height Avg.Wght Avg.Length Tail Length Top Speed
6-20 years 6-16 inches 1-12 lbs 8-24 inches 6-20 inches 20 mph
Estrus Cy Gestation # of Young Birth Wght at Birth Raised by:
 up to 8 x yr. 50-60 days 3 - 6 2-5 ounces blind, hairless pack
EyesOpen Walk  Hunt Weaned Independent Maturity
5-7 days 1 week 8 weeks 8-10 weeks 4-6 months 10 months

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mongoose species

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Animal Facts

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Animal Facts


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The Mighty Pony and the Gentle Draft Horse


onew Animal facts page coming soonAlthough a pony is described as a horse under a certain height, ponies often seem like another species altogether. The brain power of the mighty pony is legendary. Ponies are far more likely to pick a lock, raid the grain bin or lead the herd on a flower bed raid than their full size horse cousins, and in barns with both full size horses and tiny ponies its the ponies who will often rule the roost, especially when the bigger folks are of the super size draft variety. An ancient Scottish limerick tells of a Fell and Dale pony with a hangover from eating soured bran mash, outwitting an entire pasture full of Clydesdales to get to their hay, and many lucky children will tell you that big brains do indeed come in these small packages!

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pack mules and horses in the rain

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