The Marsupials

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ThBengal Tigere Tiger

Native to Asia, the tiger is the largest of these four felids, with the lion a close second. Although lions can occasionally be taller or longer than tigers, average height, weight and sheer mass rest firmly in the tigers favor, particularly the Siberian tiger, which can be 800 pounds and 9ft long!


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The Leopard and the Jaguar

leopard and jaguar comparison Leopards are native to Africa. They are significantly smaller than lions and tigers, and occasionally even fall prey to a hungry lion. The jaguar is native to south and central America, and once roamed the southern United States. Both leopards and jaguars are buff to yellow to orange in color with black or dark brown spots in a classic "rosette" pattern. Black individuals occur fairly regularly, the result of a melanism gene. The spots can still be seen on the black fur as subtle shading. Both black leopards and black jaguars are popularly called black panthers, although they are not a separate species and black individuals will occur side by side in the same litter with normally colored cubs. Leopards and jaguars are difficult to tell apart if the location is unknown The jaguar is generally a stouter animal with a proportionately rounder head, fuller cheeks and smaller eyes and ears. It is sometimes stated that the leopard does not have a dot at the center of the circles of dots on its coat known as "rosettes", or that the center of the rosette on the jaguar is darker than the body color, but both jaguars and leopards vary greatly in this regard and coat pattern is not a reliable means of identification.

The Lion

Lion Close-upNative to Africa and a tiny portion of India, the lion is the most unique of these cats. Adult male lions display a full

ruff of shaggy hair around their heads known as a mane. This is not just special for a big cat, it is very rare among any mammals to have such obvious physical distinction between the sexes. The lion is also a very social cat with an interesting and complicated pride dynamic. The king of beasts also has the loudest roar of the four roaring "big cats" - naturally!


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Siberian tiger tree-hugger

leopardess and cub

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