African Animals

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Good Hair Goes a Long Way

Rivaled only by the horse, the male African lion in full mane is a true icon of the animal kingdom. His unmistakeable image has graced some of the oldest coins, works of art, and jewelry in history. We humans have found ourselves awestruck for many thousands of years and for fine reason.


A Few More African Animal Facts:

  • Lions can consume up to 40 pounds of meat in a single meal.
  • The "big cats" are the tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar - the only 4 members of the genus Panthera.
  • The "big cats" are the only cats who can truly roar.
  • Big cats roar thanks to a specially designed larynx (a part of the throat).
  • The African lion has the longest larynx - and the loudest roar.

The Fascinating Truth:  Animal Fun Facts

King of the Jungle? Of the 20,000 lions in the wild, only 250-300 highly endangered Asiatic lions
African lion panorama
live in the Gir jungle of India. The familiar African lion lives in savanna grasslands.             
                                                                                                     see more Animal Fun Facts...

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